Domx path for radio and check boxes

How to write Domx path for clicking radio and check boxes
To create server in the below website

Hi Heman,

For Radio button---->you can use this domx path: “(//input[@type=‘radio’])[var_Number_radiobutton]”

For Checkbox—>you can use this domx path: “(//input[@type=‘checkbox’])[var_Number_checkbox]”

Note:Here “var_Number_checkbox/var_Number_radiobutton” must be a number, based on this number we can select particular item.

Here I am attaching a screenshot for your reference.

Thank you for responding brother…
The bot must click corresponding radio button… … with respect to the " varying data taking from an excel " …

as like … if excel cell value is 250 GB… bot must click corresponding radio…
how can we build… this

To select/click particular radio button, you can use this Domx path “//label[contains(.,“250 GB”)]/preceding::input[@type=“radio”][1]”
Here you can replace “250 GB” value with Excel variable


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thank you so much prashanth