What is Brity RPA

Samsung launches its new RPA tool namely Brity RPA with Artificial Intelligence which makes it easy to use and very interactive in the end-to-end process.

The main aim of this tool is to implement process automation quickly and easily. The bots created in Brity RPA perform repetitive tasks so employees can focus on key business areas that require creativity and logic. Intelligent bots integrated with advanced visual, conversational, and analytics AI technologies automate complex tasks so your enterprise can boost efficiency and also can work with complex tasks.

Samsung becomes the first Korean company to be positioned in Gartner MQ for its RPA software. They declare that 1.26 million man-hours are saved in a cumulative total of H1 2020 because of automation.

Samsung introduces the intelligent scope of automation by integrating bots with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Analytic Artificial Intelligence technologies. They also offer full complement training content, design tips, and best practices by the industry to expose more people to AI-enabled RPA.

Workflow Designer of Brity RPA

Features of Brity RPA

Quick and easy development of automated utilities that anyone can easily adapt to. An interactive drag-and-drop development tool along with a video recorder helps people to easily understand the automation process.

Multiple tasks can be processed quickly because one bot can operate multiple processes in parallel and one process can be distributed and operated by multiple bots. This makes the Brity RPA more flexible in the work environment.

Integrated automation management optimized for the enterprise environment. Orchestrator helps people to manage and review the bots in case of any failure.

The most important feature of Brity RPA that makes it stand out better from other automation software is the introduction of a chatbot. You can access the chatbot at any time while designing the automation process and seek help. Chatbots help improves user interactions and other AI technologies, such as OCR, machine learning, and analytics can also be easily integrated to recognize content in documents and process unstructured data.

For more info here is the official site https://www.samsungsds.com/eu/ai-rpa/brity-rpa.html